Rejection Party

You would think that I should look like Patrick the Starfish right now.  My eyes should be filling with tears, but I feel exactly the opposite.  One of my manuscripts got rejected today and I feel great!! Why do I feel so good you might ask.  Well, this was no ordinary rejection.  An editor from … More Rejection Party

Happy New Year

              I think all writers feel optimistic at the start of a new year.  On January first we have a clean slate.  No one has rejected our writing and we have a renewed sense of purpose.  I made a lot of writing progress in 2016 and I hope to continue with that momentum in … More Happy New Year

Picture Book Saturday

THE GREAT AAA-OOO! by Jonny Lambert made me laugh out loud.  A mouse hears a loud Aaa-Ooo on his way home through the dark forest.  Who made that awful noise?  All of the other animals hear the noise too.  Could it be a monster?  Children will enjoy trying to solve the mystery.  The animals in … More Picture Book Saturday

Picture Book Saturday

EVERYONE LOVES CUPCAKE is a hilarious new picture book by Kelly DiPucchio.  Cupcake wants everyone to love her.  Her smile was brilliant.  Her wave was impeccable.  She even wore a tiara.  Everyone loves a tiara.  Everyone does love cupcake for a while, but she tries just a little too hard to impress people. This is … More Picture Book Saturday