Teaching young writers

I had an excellent time teaching young writers how to write biographies at Parr Library in Plano, Texas.  Based on the WHO IS biography series, we made our own biography booklets.  The program was a great success and I plan to have it again soon.

An Excellent Year

It’s time for a writing update.  2017 was an excellent year!  I finished revising my middle grade novel and am now querying agents.  I wrote twelve picture book drafts for the 12×12 Challenge and I am half-way through a rough draft of a new middle grade novel.  I love writing!!  It makes me feel like … More An Excellent Year

Saturday Picture Book

Skyfishing (A Grand Tale with Grandpa) By:  Gideon Sterer This stunningly beautiful picture book captivated me.  A grandfather with a passion for fishing moves to the city to live with his family.  He soon realizes that there is nowhere to fish in the city.  This is where his imaginative granddaughter comes into the story.  She … More Saturday Picture Book

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work eventually pays off.  2017 has been very productive so far.  I have accomplished several goals that I set for myself already.  I became a Gold member of 12×12 Challenge and I have written four new picture book manuscripts this year. I have completed the rough draft of my middle grade novel and will … More Hard Work Pays Off