Saturday Picture Book


Skyfishing (A Grand Tale with Grandpa)

By:  Gideon Sterer

This stunningly beautiful picture book captivated me.  A grandfather with a passion for fishing moves to the city to live with his family.  He soon realizes that there is nowhere to fish in the city.  This is where his imaginative granddaughter comes into the story.  She suggests that they play a game of pretend fishing perched on the fire escape above the city.  Their first catch is a Flying Litterfish!  Soon they are casting their line and reeling in Laundry Eels, Signfish, and Chimefish.


Whimsical paintings turn the urban landscape into an underwater seascape filled with fantastical creatures.  With each page turn more and more of the dull brown and gray from the high-rises is covered in a beautiful aqua blue color.  This imaginative picture book celebrates the relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter.

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