Happy New Year



I think all writers feel optimistic at the start of a new year.  On January first we have a clean slate.  No one has rejected our writing and we have a renewed sense of purpose.  I made a lot of writing progress in 2016 and I hope to continue with that momentum in 2017.  In 2016 I did the following:

  1. Finished a four-book chapter book series and had it edited
  2. Joined the 12×12 Challenge and completed 12 picture book manuscripts
  3. Formed a new picture book critique group in January and worked with them all year
  4. Started a middle grade novel and completed half of the first draft during NaNoWriMo
  5. Queried six agents for my chapter book series
  6. Entered a writing competition with Ripple Grove Press
  7. Submitted several picture books on my own to publishers

I have many goals for 2017 because I have some momentum right now and I want to keep it going.  Here is what I hope to accomplish:

  1. Continue to search for an agent
  2. Become a Gold member in the 12×12 Challenge and write 12 more picture book drafts
  3. Complete the rough draft of my middle grade novel and start revisions
  4. Write some shorter pieces for children’s magazines
  5. Write books five and six for my chapter book series
  6. Outline and write another chapter book series

new-years-dayThese are my goals and they may seem lofty to some of you while others may think that I could do more.  Given my current work schedule as a youth services librarian, I believe that my writing goals are ambitious, but doable.

I am trying to remind myself each day to enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination.  I am having so much fun as a writer.  I met two new picture book writers last year and we have formed a well-functioning critique group.  I now consider them my friends.  I met Jerry and Eileen Spinelli at a Highlights Foundation workshop and had the time of my life!!  I met several new writer friends at the writing critique group that I coordinate at the library where I work.  One of these writers has invited me to her book launch party early in January for her first young adult novel.  So, as you can see, the journey can be as much fun as the destination.

Here’s to a productive writing year.  I wish you all happiness and success in your writing endeavors!!!



One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. I think listing all that was achieved in 2016 is a great exercise to motivate us to do even more in 2017. Our goal lists look very similar, which is probably why we make great critique group partners.

    Great post, Renee. Thanks for sharing and motivating!


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