Looking for an Agent


The time has come for me to find an agent.  For the past year, I have focused on writing and rewriting multiple manuscripts.  I want to show my future, potential agent that I intend to have a writing career.  I plan to keep producing work even as I wait for other manuscripts to get published.

I have compiled a list of agents that I found using a wonderful tool called Query Tracker.  (QueryTracker.com).  This tool is free or you can upgrade and get extra features for a small fee.  There are so many excellent agents our there.  I started my agent research process over a year ago.  I began by looking at the acknowledgement section of many of the children’s books and middle grade books that I have read and enjoyed.  Many authors mention their agents in the acknowledgement section.

I then use Query Tracker to look up the agent.  I want to find out how many clients they represent, if they are taking on new clients, and what genres or types of children’s books they represent.  When I find an agent who is a good fit for my work, I add him or her to my list.

I have also written a query letter for the first book I want to query.  I have several critique partners that have helped me revise my query letter and make it as good as it can be.

Finally, I feel it is important in today’s publishing climate to have a web presence.  I have been active on Twitter for several years and I recently built this website and blog.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Wish me luck!!


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