To Scare or Not To Scare


There is a story that I love to read for preschool story time.  The title is WOLF’S COMING by Joe Kulka.  This is a great picture book  that has all the elements of a good story.  It has good characters, plenty of suspense, and a great surprise ending.  I even love the illustrations.

There is one thing I worry about when I read it to preschoolers.  Is it too scary?  The premise is that a scary wolf is coming.  Everyone is hiding from the wolf.  As I read these pages, the tension mounts and the eyes of the kids get wide with fear.

At the end it turns out that everyone is throwing a surprise birthday party for wolf.  This is why all of the animals were hiding.  The kids all smile and laugh with relief.  They love the ending.

So, is the story too scary for preschoolers?  I don’t think so.  I think it has just the right amount of tension without taking it too far.  I will keep reading and enjoying the reaction I get from both the kids and their parents.

Here are a few other not too scary picture books I enjoy reading in story time:

tyson      watch_out_big_bro_s_coming      wolfs chicken stew

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