Great Story Time Books

story time

When I evaluate a picture book for story time potential, it must pass several tests before I will choose to read it out loud to a roomful of preschoolers.

First, the story must be the appropriate length.  Picture books with 1,000 words are just too long.  Preschoolers have fairly short attention spans.  I am searching for books with between 300-700 words.

Second, the book must have large, colorful illustrations.  I want the children sitting in the back to be able to see the pictures.

Third, the story must have a plot.  I want it to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  I don’t read many concept books during story time.  They don’t hold the attention of the children very well.

Fourth, they must have a certain re-readability factor.  Will the child want to listen to the story again?  Many times the parent will check out the books that I read in story time and take them home.

Finally, they must have an element of fun.  I love funny picture books that make kids laugh out loud.  I love surprising books with a twist ending.  I also love totally unique picture books.

There are so many great story time picture books, but here are a few of my tried and true favorites:

bark george           biggest thing       bubble bath pirates

where's my teddy     chicks run wild       cowboy


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